Mains ready
stepper motor power amplifiers
WSE 04.230 AC V01 and
WSE 06.230 AC V01

Stepper motor power amplifiers
WSE 04.80.V01 and WSE 08.80.V01
in compact housing

Power amplifier boards
series SE...V31/V33 and SE P05...V2

Panel mountage
19-inch rack system ELK/ELR
Power supplies NT
Board holder KH-SE_01
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    Board holder KH-SE_01
      Features of board holder KH-SE_01:
very cost effective open plastic board holder
easy installation of power amplifer boards SE or position controls SERS into a switch cabinet

fits for all STÖGRA power amplifers and position controls
until 12 A with 32-pole male connector (DIN41612).
easy changing of boards (e.g. in case of faulty driver and installing new driver)
all connections via screw terminals
      board holder KH-SE_01 – data sheet (226 KByte)
        stepping motor controls catalogue 2015 – catalogue (1854 KByte)
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