Stepper Motors
Standard versions

Gear box, encoder and brake
for Stögra stepper motors
Connections via connectors
circular connectors M23
connectors according to Mil-C-5015
9-pole D-Sub connector
Stepper motors – special versions

Hollowshaft motors
series SMH 88 and SMH 107
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    Connections via connectors
      Stepper motors with connections via circular connectors series SM ...X and SM ...Y
      STÖGRA motors SM 56, SM 87, SM 88 and SM 107 are available optionally with connections
via robust industrial circular connectors type M23
There are two different versions with connectors mounted at the motor:
angled connectors: SM ...X...
(only the connector for a brake is always straight, and the counter connector is angled)
straight connectors: SM ...Y...
      The counter connectors are available in straight or angled version, too.
The standard options »encoder« and »brake« are available for both connector versions.
SM 56.3.18JX4,6B E50 SM 56.3.18JY4,6 E50 SM 87.2.18MX6 SM 87.2.18MY6
with angled connectors with straight connectors with angled connectors with straight connectors
series SM ...X... series SM ...Y... series SM ...X... series SM ...Y...
        stepper motors with connections via connectors – data sheet (91 KByte)
        stepper motors catalogue 2016 – Catalogue (850 KByte)
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