Stepper Motors
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Gear box, encoder and brake
for Stögra stepper motors
Gear box
Connections via connectors
Stepper motors – special versions

Hollowshaft motors
series SMH 88 and SMH 107
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    Encoder for STÖGRA stepper motors
      In non disturbed operation the stepping motor runs synchronously to the pulses coming from
the control. That means the motor rotation (= rotation of the rotor) is synchronously to the pulse
frequency (= rotating stator field in the motor).
In case of a load at the motor (e.g. via a static load at the motor shaft or because of accelerating
the motor – dynamical load) the running of the motor will differ from the pulse frequency within
a short time and within a certain max range.
This results in a change of the load angle (= difference between the real position of the rotor and
its position command value).
By using an encoder, mounted at the motor, the load angle can be monitored, and a mechanical overload
at the motor can be detected.
    encoder E50
    encoder H200/H500
        encoder types E50, H200 and H500 – data sheet (57 KByte)
        stepper motors catalogue 2016 – Catalogue (850 KByte)
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